Feminist have indeed killed feminism.


Truth is that the people think that feminist is an anti-male, anti-child, anti-family and anti-feminine. Well the idea of ‘raise women to power and taking men away from power is never going to workout, but never be with the concept within sociology for examining male privilege where special privileges and status are granted to male in patriarchal society. feminism aren’t trying to emulate men . feminism is simple, to identify a feminist is to acknowledge that women are people and as such women deserves the same social , political and economical rights and opportunities.


  1. Hi Amna, I disagree that feminists have killed feminism. Maybe the old-fashioned idea of women being pretty, quiet, well-behaved, and always deferring to men. Men have certainly been privileged by the patriarchal system in many countries and cultures. This leads to an unconscious bias in society that men are the best suited to lead, to rule, to have the top jobs, and to expect women to defer to them.
    I’ve been a feminist since I was 14. I’m 70. At 14, I learned that I could not join the Navy, unless had I had good typing and filing skills. The only roles for women in the Australian armed forces back in the19 60s were desk jobs – secretaries, filing clerks. Now we have high-ranking women commanding warships, because women like me, complained and argued and petitioned until women were given equal status to men in the armed forces. When I had my first job in the public service (trainee librarian), along with the other trainees (all 16-year old girls), our first instruction was: ‘when you get married, you have to retire from the public service. No married women are allowed to work.’ Thank goodness, that old-fashioned idea that a woman working is taking a job away from a man no longer exists.
    Sorry this is a long reply. I should shorten it to: “feminists are people who believe women should have equal value to men.” Nothing more.

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    • yeah! feminism is basically a movement against gender discrimination but feminists moved it through many levels and somehow they are just lost in, anyways thank you so much for giving such a major respond i’m a beginner and such replies motivates me to a very next level.

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      • If you are interested, I cover this topic quite a lot. Mainstream Feminism these days does seem to be stuck in a loop of inclusion – somehow we are responsible for making sure men are comfortable with it, trans people are comfortable with it, which to me is all beside the point. Change is uncomfortable and we have given a lot of ground in the last few decades.

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    • BrazenShe, so true as well! amnabloggs, I can see what you’re trying to say, but a true feminist is not that at all & to be down on feminism is to give up on the idea that people should be people, including women

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      • feminism is the movement that advocates for gender equality and it is also about the safety of a woman but feminist consider it as Hate-man and thats what i’m trying to say
        facts are facts and we have a long way to go


  2. Hi Amna,
    Gender equality is such a complicated issue. I consider myself to be a feminist because I would like to live in a society where it doesn’t matter if you are male or female- you get treated the same way, paid the same amount and have the same amount of respect in society.
    I don’t feel the pressure to agree with every statement that every feminist makes. I think it’s ok to disagree with other people if your opinion differs from their opinion.
    All the best.

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  3. I completely agree with you. I think there are a lot of women who have killed feminism because it was started as something to get us EQUAL rights. I feel like women are trying to take it too far and they want to be treated BETTER than everyone else.

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  4. I totally agree with you on this topic Anna…
    It’s what we call nowadays “Neo-feminism”…
    For more information about it, you can visit my latest post.. ☺

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  5. I totally agree with you on this for the most part! I am sure we differ on some points. I am so for women’s rights but like I am also for men’s rights. Feminism is about equality and not being superior.


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