Feminist have indeed killed feminism.


Truth is that the people think that feminist is an anti-male, anti-child, anti-family and anti-feminine. Well the idea of ‘raise women to power and taking men away from power is never going to workout, but never be with the concept within sociology for examining male privilege where special privileges and status are granted to male in patriarchal society. feminism aren’t trying to emulate men . feminism is simple, to identify a feminist is to acknowledge that women are people and as such women deserves the same social , political and economical rights and opportunities.



“Why a woman smoking is conflicting then a man smoking”(men_only activity)

Social taboos converted into religious prohibition. Isn’t smoking for woman banned in Islam. If smoking is a social taboo for its negative impact on health then it should be stated over the board; the slower rise of smoking in women in comparison with men in Asian society has been attribute to social disapproval of women who smoke and to women’s lower social and economic status but In high-income countries, including Australia, Canada, the United States of America and most countries of western Europe, women smoke at nearly the same rate as men.

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depression is your enemy it can steel your joy and peace and becomes a cloud that casts a shadow over everything in life dulls your senses and cause you to view every area of your life through a dark filter. It leads to worry fear and hopelessness . someway depression is a natural response to adverse events happened in your lives. It seems that way right now but it doesn’t seems to be like that forever. you can choose to take control on your life back from depression. Find your joy in lord instead of living up one day and down  the next.

Its not gods will from you to be discouraged down  and depressed you can choose to be joy full even in the most difficult situation. go on the offensive in thoughts and choose to live by faith, don’t let your circumstances dictate you how to live.